Limerick information session to highlight retrofitting opportunities for homes and businesses

15 Jul

Tait House Community Enterprise in association with the Tipperary Energy Agency, have announced that they are to host an energy retrofitting information session on July 23rd.

This event will focus on the various funding streams and opportunities for retrofitting delivery models across the community, residential and commercial sectors.

This information session comes on the back of the recent Climate Action Plan which was announced by government last month.

Tait House Community Enterprise is an SEAI approved community enterprise retrofit organisation for the Limerick region. As members of the Sustainable Energy Communities, Tait House is an organisation that is recognised as having the expertise and experience to facilitate the delivery of tailored funding streams for the community, residential and commercial sectors. 

Announcing the information session on 23rd July, CEO at Tait House Tracey Lynch said: “Our nationwide experience in the delivery of large scale deep retrofit projects makes Tait House the ideal partner for challenging assignments with the ability to deliver the projects across the Limerick region”, she said.

“Our recent collaboration with the experienced Tipperary Energy Agency further enhances our customer service offering ensuring that Tait House Community Enterprise and Tipperary Energy Agency are your ideal partners to decarbonising your environment.

The Government’s objective is to decarbonise the environment and the economy.  Our objective is to ensure homes are well and warm, businesses are energy efficient and that the process is budget neutral for end users”, she added. 

The retrofitting delivery model, will group retrofits together, support the leverage of smart finance, and ensure easy pay-back methods to fast track delivery of the Government’s ambitious targets – one of which is the installation of 400,000 heat pumps in existing buildings by 2030.

The Information evening on the Tuesday 23rd July will focus on the range of financial and other supports available to deep retrofit your community buildings, your home and your business. 

Funding sources from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), Limerick City and County Council, Leader and Community Finance Ireland will be explained along with worked examples.

Speakers on the night will include:

Bill Kelly – Tait House Community Enterprise CLG

TBC – Limerick City & County Council

Siona Daly – Tipperary Energy Agency

This event is free to attend. The event takes place at Tait House Community Enterprise, Collins Avenue in Limerick on July 23rd at 6.30pm. 

Register for this event here: 

For further information please contact Bill Kelly at 

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