Songbirds music-based parent and child programme commences at Tait House

3 Oct

We are currently facilitating a Songbirds programme at our community creche. Working in collaboration with Phoenix Creative and Psychotherapy Clinic, the Songbirds programme is a music-based parent and child group project for mothers and their pre-school children in crèche settings that aims to promote parent-child relationships and group social skills.

Facilitated by a qualified and experienced Music Therapist and accompanied by a qualified music or play Therapist, the Songbirds programme promotes positive individual parent and child relationships and also enhances the development of each individual child.

Songbirds groups promote children’s social skills through such activities as sharing, turn taking and talking or singing in the group.

Songbirds groups also promote greater social cohesion amongst the mothers who share their parenting experiences through modelling and observing other positive parent-child interactions.

The aim of the Songbirds Programme is to enhance parent-child relationships and help in children’s emotional development.

The Objectives are to promote greater closer parent and child attachment as well as good parenting experiences an enjoyable group experience through music and play. The initiative promotes children’s development in areas such as language, social skills and turn taking and closer community cohesion through encouraging positive group interaction.

Songbirds is taking place every Wednesday for the next 6 weeks in our community creche.

Songbirds groups are made up of up to 6 parent and child couples (12 adults and 12 children in total), who attend an introductory week followed by 6 weekly group sessions.

Each group session is held at the same time and the same day of the week and runs consecutively over the course of seven weeks.

If you wish to get more info about the Songbirds programme you can contact Phoenix CPC on 0838176599.

About Phoenix CPC

Phoenix Creative Arts Psychotherapy Centre (PCPC) is a registered charity (CRN 20108458 CHY 21691) founded by four art psychotherapists in Limerick City in 2015. The four therapists Mary Carmel O Donoghue, Austin Creaven, Toni Brown and Hugh Mc Mahon have many years of experience providing creative art therapy for young people in different services and settings.

Phoenix PCPC was established to provide accessible and affordable creative arts therapy services for young people under the age of 18 years with emotional, social and behavioural difficulties in Limerick City and its environs. Phoenix PCPC is committed to providing a creative arts therapy service for young people to support their mental health and emotional well being. We are also committed to providing a therapy service for marginalised children and communities.

Phoenix PCPC provides a community-based service in collaboration with our partners in ABC StartRight, family resource centres, Limerick Social Services Centre, the Salesian Sisters and various partners. We are also open to taking referrals from parents, schools, social workers, General Practitioners (GPS), Public Health Nurses (PHNs), family support workers and a variety of other services.

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