Tait House to participate in Limerick’s first ever ‘Climathon’ later this month

16 Oct

CEO of Tait House Community Enterprise Tracey Lynch will be one of the judges for Limerick’s First Climathon which takes place on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th October at the Engine Building on Upper Cecil Street.

The event is part of a global movement that promotes finding solutions for the climate challenges faced across the world with a particular focus on Limerick.

All around the world on October 25th, more than 100 cities will be participating in a Climathon, a local climate action programme designed for citizens and cities to develop solutions together. For the first time this year, Limerick will host its own Climathon.

Limerick is a vibrant city with infinite potential. As climate challenges become more pressing, it’s time to tap into that potential and re-make our city for a more sustainable future.

Limerick’s first Climathon is taking place as part of the +CityxChange project, an international EU-funded project which aims to co-create the low-carbon future we want to live in.  Limerick is a Lighthouse City within +CityxChange, along with Trondheim in Norway, a testbed for new advances and technologies, with other European cities following Limerick’s lead.

We know the kinds of changes we need to make – we need to travel through and around our city in different ways, and we need to use our housing differently too. But how do we inspire people to make those changes possible? Can we work together to help Limerick transition to a low-carbon, energy positive future?

We are encouraging as many as possible to join Limerick’s first Climathon at the Engine building on Friday 25th (11am-8pm) and Saturday 26th (10am-1pm) October. All participation is free.

The event will be launched by the Mayor of City and County Limerick Michael Sheahan.

Participants will choose a challenge and work in teams to come up with solutions, with the best solutions winning prizes!

You’ll get expert advice on the challenges and how to approach solutions, and learn about the advances Limerick city is already making as part of the +CityxChange project. We’ll keep you well fuelled with food and drink, and make sure everyone has fun while we work to get Limerick ready for a positive energy future.

For more info and signups you can visitg: https://climathon.climate-kic.org/en/limerick or follow the team on Twitter: @LmkClimathon

For further information you can contact: Madeleine Lyes, Community Engagement, Space Engagers

Tel: 086 3727151. Email: madeleine.lyes@spaceengagers.org


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