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Tait House Community Enterprise is located in Southill – one of the most socially and economically disadvantaged areas in Ireland – in the southern suburbs of Limerick city. In the mid-1980s, a number of local residents became concerned at the levels of poverty in the local community and the lack of services and opportunities available locally. They came together to form Southill Development Co-operative Society to address these concerns and, with the support of a wide range of government agencies, began to implement a number of initiatives in the local community. The Southill Development Co-operative Society was given the use of the then Southill House by the local authority. Over the years, a number of activities have taken place on site:

·         Childcare – originally in the main house and in a purpose-built facility since 2004.

·         School – the current Mr Tait’s Cafe was originally the site for a Gaelscoil and Naionra, located on Childers Road near the Roxboro roundabout.

·         Training in IT, horticulture and insulation

·         Rental of space to a diverse range of businesses and organisations, including Limerick City Community Radio, Urban Co-Op and others

In around 2012, the house was renamed to Tait House and the organisation was rebranded as Tait House Community Enterprise, to commemorate Sir Peter Tait who, a local industrialist who lived in the house in the mid-19th century. This process was formalised in 2018 by the transition in legal structure from Southill Development Co-operative Society to Tait House Community Enterprise CLG (Company Limited by Guarantee). Our company number is 636941 and we are governed by a voluntary board of directors.

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